MoVeS Loop | 30x25cm | 10Pack

Extra Light - Peach

Medium - Oran

Heavy - Lime Green

Extra Heavy - Blueberry


MoVeS F!T Loop | 30x25cm | 10 Pack

SKU: 01-100001
  • Our high quality and cost effective loops are also available in F!T colours. MoVeS F!T Loops are easy to use and very versatile. You can stretch and strengthen all muscle groups.

    Our loops are multi-layered, this results in a more durable product. Our thicker loops won't roll up during exercisiong, avoiding the uncomfortable feeling from wider alternatives.

    Our ner loop set combines our most popular colours in a compact mesh bag. This affordable set is very useful to bring along wherever you go.

    MoVeS FIT Loops:

    High quality, cost effective and easy to use!

    Lay-flat-lenght: 30cm

    Width: 2.5cm

    One Polybag contains 10 loose pcs