Research and development is high on our list for MoVeS products. As an example, these continuous efforts have brought us the Snap-Stop feature for the regular MoVeS Band. Now, we have improved our Latex-Free Bands. The MoVeS Latex-Free Band has been optimised by using an innovative mix of raw material. Following customer demand, the grip has been improved. Resistance levels are similar to the ‘old’ latex-free band.

Thanks to our technological leadership, we achieve a Latex-Free exercise band with characteristics that were never before so close to its latex counterpart. With an exceptional ‘resistance vs. elongation’ linearity, we are confident our MoVeS Latex-Free Band is the best product to fulfil your needs. The 5 different resistance levels are determined by the thickness of the band. These bands are available in 3 lengths and come with a full colour manual. The band has a width of +/- 100mm.


1,5m 10 pre-cut bands of the same resistance or 5 pieces of different resistance (yellow, red, green, blue and black). Each band comes in a separate polybag with header.

MSD-Band LATEX-FREE | 1,5m | 10-pack